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Imoferaza is an innovative product designed specifically to treat problem and scarred areas of skin resulting from, injuries, burns, acne (post-acne), surgery and cosmetic treatment.

The Imoferaza cream has a chemical formula with a highly efficient molecule that targets connective tissue forming the core of the scar. Imoferaza lessens cosmetic defects associated with scars caused by skin injuries, skin burns, tattoo removal, piercing and acne (post-acne), and reduces the likelihood of unaesthetic scars.

The efficiency of Imoferaza is attributable to the immobilised hyaluronidase enzyme, which can easily penetrate deep into the scar increasing its elasticity and making the scar thinner and less conspicuous.

The advanced active ingredients contained in Imoferaza enter the scars and produce a smoothing effect alleviating tightness and making skin look better.

The cream is suitable for treating both fresh and mature scars.

Imoferaza is highly convenient to use: it has no odour, absorbs quickly and leaves no stains on clothes.

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