Petrovax Pharm took part in the 5th International Innovation and Technology Exhibition INOTEX 2016. The conference «The Russian advanced technologies for Iran» was held on May 23rd within the framework of the Russian Day in Iran at Tehran International Fair Ground with participation of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, and Ministry of Education and Science.

The exhibition attracted more than 250 participants from 15 countries, such as Iran, Russia, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, South Korea, China, Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden, etc. More than 10,000 visitors were able not only to contact the exhibitors but also discuss prospects of the Russian-Iranian cooperation.

More than 20 companies representing Russia presented the advances of the fast-emerging economic sectors such as medical and pharmaceutical industry, engineering, industrial automation, manufacture of chemical, oil and gas, metallurgy, and power equipment as well as optic instruments.

At the exhibition, Petrovax Pharm demonstrated its innovative formulations and medicinal products. The company’s booth displayed current information on pharmaceuticals widely used not only in Russia but also in other countries.

In the course of discussion at the special session on medical technologies, Petrovax Pharm President Elena Arkhangelskyaya emphasized that the Russian-Iranian cooperation was gaining ground with support from the government. «It is a pleasure to take part in the Inotex 2016 conference in Tehran. The main objective of this conference is the development of partnership between the two countries, sharing of best practices, and discussion of important strategic issues," stressed Elena Arkhangelskyaya. » For us Iran is one of the key emerging markets. We intend to strengthen our hold on this market, and we have worked out a  long-term development strategy. Importantly, our influenza vaccine Grippol plus manufactured in cooperation with St. Petersburg Research Institute of Vaccines and Sera is the Russian first high-tech immunobiological product registered in Iran».

In February 2016, Petrovax Pharm (Russia), Sobhan Recombinant Protein, and Arvin LTD (both Iran) made a trilateral strategic cooperation agreement aimed at localization of  full-cycle manufacture of influenza vaccine Grippol® plus in Iran. One more Russian party to this project is St. Petersburg Research Institute of Vaccines and Sera of the Russian Federal Medical and Biological Agency that produces and supplies vaccine antigens.

«Launching this vaccine to the Iranian market marks another Petrovax Pharm’s contribution to influenza prevention on the world scale," commented Elena Arkhangelskyaya. «We are pleased with the fact that today, due to its broad research experience in the development of the immunobiological industry, Russia can offer world-level products and technologies to its Iranian colleagues."

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