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International Nonproprietary Name: Azoximer bromide

Polyoxidonium® is an effective drug with a combination of pharmacological properties, acting as an immunomodulator, detoxifier and antioxidant.

Today, Polyoxidonium® is the only immunomodulator with combined effect, helping to both boosts the immune system and to bind with and evacuate toxins and neutralise free radicals.

Polyoxidonium® is unique for its ability to adjust its action depending on the initial state of the immune system in a patient, i.e. to normalise substance levels, whether originally subnormal or above-normal. As a result, no prior immunity examination is needed to prescribe the drug.

Polyoxidonium® is indicated for treating acute and chronic infectious diseases of bacterial, viral or fungal origin. The drug is widely used in surgery, therapy, urology, gynaecology, and paediatrics. Cancer patients receiving Polyoxidonium have a longer life expectancy rate and better quality of life.

In monotherapy, Polyoxidonium® is effective in preventing influenza and acute respiratory viral infections. Polyoxidonium can be combined with a broad range of treatments and is generally well-tolerated with no side effects.

When used in combination therapy, Polyoxidonium® boosts the effectiveness of the treatment while reducing its duration and limiting the need for antibiotics, bronchial spasmolytics and glucocorticosteroids. Periods of remission in Polyoxidonium-treated patients are generally longer.

Since 2007, Polyoxidonium® has been on the List of Life Essential Medicines

The drug is available in various dosage forms, including tablets, injections, and suppositories. Safe and highly potent, Polyoxidonium in tablets and suppositories is classed as an OTC drug.

Polyoxidonium is the world’s first safe water-soluble adjuvant for new generation vaccines and a universal carrier for enzymes, hormones and a number of other physiologically active compounds.

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