Focus on each employee is what sets Petrovax Pharm apart. The company also shows respect and responsible attitude when working with numerous partners both in Russia and abroad. An elaborate algorithm of communications both in-house and with partners made is possible for the company to maintain its impeccable reputation for 20 years, and stay up as the industry leader.

In the current context, and given the tasks that the government has entrusted the pharmaceutical industry with, it is ever more pressing to quickly respond to challenges set by the market, and economy overall. Petrovax Pharm successfully hits the industry’s priority targets significantly boosting growth of the local products market share, implementing technological innovations, performing the import substitution program, and developing international projects. Petrovax Pharm’s strategy is fully in line with the macroeconomic trends. The company continues developing rapidly expanding its product range, and geographic footprint.

Presently, the company markets its product in 35 large Russian cities, and 11 countries. Besides exports, Petrovax Pharm actively localizes production of its products in other countries. Since 2016, full-cycle manufacturing of Grippol® plus vaccine has been performed in Belarus. In February 2016, a strategic cooperation agreement was made with Iranian partners to localize influenza vaccine production in Iran.

Petrovax Pharm is one of the few Russian companies creating pharmaceuticals «from scratch». This process is driven by the facility boasting a many-year experience of immunobiologicals manufacturing to GMP standards.

In the modern context, there is high demand for elaborate in-house communications as well as continuous personnel training, and skill improvement to change with the times. It would have been impossible to achieve Petrovax Pharm’s ambitious objectives without teamwork synergy, corporate spirit, and ability to generate and implement ideas.

The company is set apart for its continuous personnel training efforts, and maintaining high competence level facilitating integration in large-scale projects. Petrovax Pharm has created conditions for gaining professional experience, and opportunities for further career development.

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