While successfully addressing business challenges, Petrovax Pharm is not limited to them alone. Following the best traditions of Russian philanthropists to aid those in need, the company pursues a wide range of social and charity programs. Since foundation, the company has been actively providing targeted aid to public associations, medical, and educational institutions.

Petrovax Pharm’s charity program «In aid of those in need» was created to render social assistance in the most in-demand areas for promoting mental and physical health of Russian citizens.

Participation in social and charity projects is Petrovax Pharm’s long-standing vital tradition.

Importantly, Petrovax Pharm is a participant of the initiative «Charity instead of souvenirs»; the company provides its souvenir budget allocations for supporting people in severe living situations as well as programs promoting the development and preservation of the country’s cultural and religious heritage.

The company keeps track of orphan children, large, foster, and one-parent families as well as families with disabilities and veterans. The company provides targeted aid to the public association «Children of the Podolye» uniting large and foster families as well as families with disabled children. With the company’s direct involvement, Podolsk district of Moscow region hosts spring and autumn events dedicated to the Children’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Together with the Research Center for Hematology, the company promotes donor initiatives on a regular basis. E.g., Petrovax employees take an active part in the project «Reach out to donate blood» replenishing the blood bank reserves for patients with blood disorders.

Petrovax Pharm’s Charity Program functions in the areas as follows:

  1. Aid-rendering projects targeting people desperately in need of social assistance, i.e. orphan children, large, foster, and one-parent families as well as families with disabilities.
  2. Supporting church construction and restoration projects in Moscow region.
  3. Donating pharmaceuticals and vaccines to medical, educational, and public institutions.
  4. Supporting sports projects and programs.
  5. Promoting donor initiatives jointly with the Research Center for Hematology.

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