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Company establishment

  • State registration of Polyoxidonium® and Grippol®
  • First own production facility opened (in Zagorye) to manufacture active pharmaceutical ingredients and medicines in semi-solid and solid dosage forms (tablets)
  • Own production of injections launched
  • Partnership with the EBRD and Solvay Pharma (Belgium)
  • Longidaze® market launch
  • Construction of the production and warehousing complex in Pokrov launched


Launch of the GMP compliant pharmaceutical production and warehousing complex in Pokrov (Moscow Region)

  • Unique production line of drugs in prefilled syringes launched
  • Grippol® Plus innovative flu vaccine brought to market
  • Grippol® Neo flu vaccine brought to market (together with Solvay Pharma, currently Abbott)
  • A/H1N1 flu vaccine development and production began: MonoGrippol Neo, MonoGrippol Plus, MonoGrippol (15.7m doses)


Grippol® Plus vaccine produced for the National Immunization Schedule in Russian Federation (11.4m doses)

  • Polyoxidonium®Vet Solution (for veterinary use) registered
  • Promising results received on the development, preclinical and clinical trials of three prolonged drugs: Azoxiferon, Azopoietin and Azograstim


Partnership with Pfizer, a major pharmaceutical company, to produce pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in Russia

  • Phase I clinical trial of Vitaoximer, a unique infusion medicine, successfully completed; Phase II in progress
  • Production line of vial medicines and infusion solutions in polymer containers launched at the production and warehousing complex in Pokrov
  • Grippol® Plus vaccine produced for the National Immunization Schedule in Russian Federation (13m doses)
  • Successful EU GMP audit


Pfizer and NPO Petrovax Pharm's 13-valent conjugate pneumococcal vaccine localisation project received the Russian Platinum Ounce contest award in the Project of the Year nomination

  • Petrovax Pharm received EU Certificates of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliance from regulators in Ukraine and Slovakia.
  • Grippol® Plus indications were expanded to include infants and children aged 6 months and above.
  • Petrovax Pharm produced about 14m doses of the Grippol® Plus vaccine for Russia’s National Immunisation Schedule.
  • The key stage of the pneumococcal vaccine localisation project with Pfizer for Russia’s National Immunisation Schedule (including production and registration of the vaccine) was completed on time. Petrovax Pharm was granted the status of the local producer of Prevnar 13, a 13-valent pneumococcal vaccine.


New growth strategy – Vladimir Potanin, owner and founder of Interros, acquires a controlling stake in Petrovax Pharm.

    • Supplying approximately 14,000,000 doses of Grippol® Plus vaccine in accordance with the National Vaccination Calendar. Petrovax started regional shipments of the flu vaccine in August to ensure early children immunisation for the 2013–2014 flu season. The vaccine was first shipped to the regions affected by flooding in the Far Eastern Federal District: the Jewish Autonomous Region, Khabarovsk Territory, and Amur Region.
    • Launching full-cycle production, quality control and assurance of the 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine within a joint project with Pfizer. Manufacturing first commercial batches of vaccine.
    • Implementing an automated personnel training and development management system.
    • Supporting, jointly with Pfizer, a project initiated by the Rostropovich-Vishnevskaya Foundation for the Health & Future of Children. Thousands of babies under one year old in Saint Petersburg have been vaccinated with the pneumococcal vaccine manufactured at a cutting-edge production site of NPO Petrovax Pharm and supplied free of charge.
    • Providing, jointly with Pfizer, charitable aid to the flooded regions in the Far Eastern Federal District. 20,000 doses of vaccine were shipped to the Khabarovsk Territory for immunisation of children and the elderly suffering from a chronic pathology caused by the pneumococcal infection.
    • Organising the Free Donorship Programme, a charitable donor campaign run jointly with the Haematological Scientific Center.


Supply on government contracts in the National Immunization Schedule of the Russian Federation more than 13.5 million doses of Grippol® Plus, an influenza vaccine, and more than 3.4 million doses of Prevenar 13, a 13-valent pneumococcal vaccine

      • Completion of the acquisition of Petrovax Pharm by Vladimir Potanin, the owner and founder of Interros Group", the formation of a new structure, a team of professional managers.
      • Petrovax entered the Top-5 by the number of clinical trials in the pharmaceutical market in Russia.
      • Demonstration of compliance with quality management system standards of GMP from the regulatory bodies of Slovakia and Iran, the successful completion of recertification for compliance with ISO: 9001.
      • Signing of an agreement with the St. Petersburg State Chemical and Pharmaceutical Academy and the Research Institute of Influenza to establish a scientific and educational center. Joining the Investors Club of pharmaceutical and medical industry and National Association of specialists in infection control.
      • Targeted support of ‘Children of Podolie’, the public charity organization, FC ‘Podolie’, and ‘Podolie’ Sports Complex, participation in the blood donor campaign ‘Give a hand - donate blood’ in cooperation with Hematology Research Center.


A strategic agreement with the Belarusian Ministry of Health and Belmedpreparaty to localise the production of Grippol Plus flu vaccine in the Republic of Belarus; commencement of commercial production.

    • The supply of 13.8 m Grippol® Plus flu vaccine doses and 3.7 m doses of Prevenar® 13, a 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, under government contracts signed as part of Russia’s National Immunisation Schedule.
    • A 30% rise in Grippol® Plus output y-o-y (a total of 19 m doses).
    • Certification of Imoferaza, innovative cosmetics cream designed for specialist treatment of post-traumatic, post-surgical and post-acne scars .
    • Boost in exports (up 339% in money terms), with supply of over 3.5 m Grippol® Plus doses to Belarus under the Republic’s National Immunisation Schedule and additional shipments to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Iran.
    • A long-term strategic partnership agreement with the Saint Petersburg Research Institute for Vaccines and Sera to develop and produce new advanced flu vaccines in Russia.
    • Approval issued by the Russian Ministry of Health for the full-cycle production of Prevenar 13, a 13-valent conjugate pneumococcal vaccine.
    • Approval by the WHO of “bovhyaluronidase azoximer” as an international nonproprietary name (INN) for Longidaze.
    • Presentation of the Russian Nanotechnology Product Award to Grippol® Plus.
    • Sponsorship of educational programmes for students, including the 4th Russian Student Olympics and International Pharmaceutical Innovation Camp (FILIN 2015).
    • Sponsorship of charitable events staged by the Deti Podolya NGO on the occasion of the Children’s, Knowledge and Mother’s Days. Congratulations for the veterans on the 70th anniversary of victory in World War II. Participation in the Prosto Sdai Krov blood donation campaign.


Starting cooperation with Boehringer Ingelheim on localization of advanced cardiovascular pharmaceuticals manufacture.

    • Licensing by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade; acquisition of GMP certificates of the Russian Federation, Slovakia, and Iran; positive review by the inspection of the Republic of Belarus.
    • Signing an agreement on and launching an influenza vaccine Grippol® plus localization project in Iran.
    • Implementing a technology transfer project on Grippol® plus vaccine manufacture with RUE Belmedpreparaty; production of 3.7 m doses.
    • Launching Grippol® plus vaccine production using local influenza virus antigens manufactured by St. Petersburg Research Institute of Vaccines and Sera of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia.
    • Supplying influenza vaccine Grippol® plus (8.6 m doses) and 13-valent pneumococcal vaccine Prevenar® 13 (3.6 m doses) for the Russian National Immunization Schedule
    • Completing technology transfer for pneumococcal vaccine Prevenar® 13 manufacture within the framework of a joint project with Pfizer.
    • Launching Imoferaza, an innovative cosmetic cream, to the market.